My life in a nutshell:

  • I’m married to Ryan Reynolds (obviously
    not “ the” but just as hot!)

  • I have 3 super cute, awesome kids

  • I love to work out

  • I’m obsessed with food and love to talk about it

  • People say I remind them of Kristen Wiig and Julie Bowen

  • I could eat sushi and tacos everyday... no seriously everyday.

  • I’m EXTREMELY competitive, most likely stemming from being the middle child..

  • Cooking makes me happy, I just wish I had more time to do it

  • Almost everyday I go to the candy store below my shop and get a handful of chocolate covered almonds..... and eat them all...

  • I too have bad hair days, they usually end with me taking scissors to my head.


Jenni Reynolds.jpeg

I wasn’t blessed with an amazing head of hair.... quite the opposite actually, straight, flat and fine. I suppose this is the reason  at a young age I knew  I wanted to do hair... mainly because I needed to figure out what to do with mine!

I went to Pivot Point after high school and was the first to graduate from my class and ready to get behind the chair... well I thought I was. I spent the next year at a high end salon where I received amazing training that really prepared me to be a great stylist. I quickly made my way to Senior Stylist and worked at two of their locations for 12 years. Two babies later I ventured off on my own for a more flexible schedule.

I love hair. Everything about it. But what I really love is my time with my clients who have become like family and making them feel beautiful.